Habitat Creation

We offer habitat creation, protection, and restoration services to commercial, civil, and residential clients across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

That’s why we serve large-scale habitat creation and re-wilding projects, working with a range of other contractors to assess the individual needs of each green space and offer custom solutions to our customers. To discover what we can do for the spaces you manage, contact our friendly team today.

Re-wilding Spaces Across SEQ and Northern NSW

More than 300 species of wildlife use tree hollows as habitats, and even more call the forest floor, scrub, and canopy their home. The Arborspec team understands the vital roles that trees play in our local habitat, including supporting wildlife, preventing erosion, and bringing shade and calm to the communities around them.

Create, Protect, Restore, or Re-wild Your Space the Arborspec Way.

Habitat Creation for…

Specialised Species Conservation Projects

Green Corridors

Parks and Recreational Green Spaces

Residential Acreage

Our Habitat Creation Services

We offer specialised arboriculture services for the creation, protection, and restoration of green spaces from Brisbane to Byron Bay and beyond.


Our Arboricultural consultancy services are available for assisting with the design of new green spaces, and we provide habitat restoration and installation services in the physical creation of them.


We offer vegetation management, tree maintenance services for habitat management and protection across SEQ and Northern NSW.


When an ecosystem has been damaged, you can rely on Arborspec’s team of Arborists to assist with the remediation of damage, restoration of lost trees and habitats, tree maintenance, management and planting plans where required.

We’re Here for Your Arboricultural Needs

Here at Arborspec, we offer obligation-free assessments and quotation for any arboricultural work you require. We’re passionate about safety and the environment, so you can rely on us to deliver honest advice and quality services that support the ecosystem around us. From environmental support to habitat creation and garden maintenance, no civil, government, council, commercial, or private project is too big or small for our dedicated team.

Wherever you are in South-East Queensland or Northern New South Wales, Arborspec would be happy to assist on your next project.

Tree trunk from the roots up

Protect and Restore the Local Habitat Across SEQ and Northern NSW

From our headquarters in Underwood, Logan, we service all North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Redland Bay, Ipswich and Gold Coast Suburbs. Occasionally, we service Northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast.

Looking to re-wild your commercial, civil, or residential property? Get in touch with the friendly Arborspec team, and we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote or any advice you need. If you don’t see your location above, we might still be able to help, so be sure to get in touch.