Arboriculture Services for Tree Health

We provide tree care services The Arborspec Way, ensuring our civil, commercial, and residential work puts tree health first wherever possible.

Improving Tree Health on Civil, Commercial, and Residential Projects

We serve short-term and long-term projects across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales with Arboriculture services catered for tree health and tree protection over all else. As well as our one-off and emergency services, we provide habitat management plans to inform our customers of the best outcomes of their project, including the limitations, and the compromises they might make to accommodate for the trees on their property.

Whether you’re managing a tree farm, a national park, or a large backyard, Arborspec gives you all the knowledge and resources you need to keep it safe and healthy.

Hire an Arborist Dedicated to Tree Health on Your Next Project.

Our Tree Health Services

We offer a range of services designed specifically to improve, conserve, or restore tree health on your property.


We offer Arboricultural consultancy services including tree health assessments and tree risk assessments, to inform you of the state of your local ecosystem and how it can improve.


We provide tree maintenance services including tree pruning, root pruning, tree management, soil injections and habitat creation where necessary. Our expert Arborists are specifically trained not to over-prune and keep your tree healthy.

Sick Trees

At Arborspec, we know a tree that’s not doing well when we see one. For struggling trees, we perform pest and disease investigation, soil injection, tree management programs, mulching services and pest treatments to get them back in shape.

Tree Care, Not Tree Lopping

As a tree care company, we see tree removal as a last resort. Our tree pruning and tree trimming services are only performed in service of the tree – to remove dead infected or infested wood. We can perform tree risk assessment to identify hazards where they exist. Our team of expert Arborists are trained to know the body language of a tree and appreciate the vital role they play in our local habitat, so it breaks our hearts to tear them down. That’s why we uphold a policy of informing our customers of alternative routes to completing their project, transparently communicating our methods, and honestly laying out our limitations for tree care.

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Get Tree Health Services Across SEQ and Northern NSW

We improve tree health on all our projects throughout Logan and all North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Redland Bay, Ipswich and Gold Coast Suburbs. Infrequently into parts of Northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote on tree health services across SEQ and Northern NSW. If your location isn’t listed, just get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do for you – even if it’s pointing you to another ethical arborist in your area.