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Offering arboricultural consultancy for government, residential, commercial, and civil projects across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Bryce Kurtzman

Bryce is the owner, founder and director here at Arborspec. Not only does he fulfill those roles, but he is also our leading hands-on team member, who personally attends to our client’s tree care needs.

As Arborspec’s main Climbing Arborist, he leads our on-site team of Arborists and arborists in training, passionately showing them how to achieve the best outcome for the tree, for the environment and for the needs of our clients.

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Bryce Kurtzman

Bryce’s Arboricultural career began in 2007 where he joined a large company as a machine operator. His enthusiasm for the industry was quickly recognised and he was shifted into a role where he was able to take on more responsibility for the work being completed. He began his career in climbing and began is certificate III in Arboriculture.

Over the years Bryce worked for two of Australia’s largest tree care companies, during this time he gained experience in all facets of Arboriculture.

Arboriculture is a funny industry, Arborists love trees, as is clear when you meet Bryce, but unfortunately, they spend a lot of time cutting them down. This is because many people and industries have a limited understanding of how trees can benefit their properties, as well as holding the misconception that trees, when left alone are somehow dangerous. This fact became a huge frustration of Bryce’s and became the driving factor in him creating Arborspec. A place where tree health was more important than winning the job, where education for the client based on the internationally recognised rules of Arboriculture was the main focus. A place where a tree was not looked at just as an individual, but as a single organism in the broader eco-system that it belongs to, offering shade for the people and structures around it, offering habitat for numerous fauna that call Australia home, offering shelter from wind, rainand damaginf U.V rays, filtering the air being breathed by all, softening the otherwise hard, concreted landscape being too often preferred by mankind.

Bryces love of nature means our clients are able to benefit in ways they hadn’t previously considered. Bryce is an advocate for all Australian native Flora and Fauna, which means his advice to clients, and the work he does on their trees is honest, clear in its description and conforming with all Australian standards, best work practices and with sound Arboricultural backing.

His study of the Arboricultural industry has continued throughout his career, taking park in many Queensland Arboricultural Association run events including workshops on Fungi and TRAQ (Tree risk assessment) training, these are all in support of his further study into the field of Arboriculture where he continues to learn and improve his knowledge and understanding by working towards holding a Diploma in Arboricultre.

Bryces, and therefore Arborspec’s ethos is to provide an ethical, environmentally friendly, eco-sensitive tree care service for people, companies and council areas who want to care for and nurture the amazing natural assets we are lucky enough to have all around us.


Michael Izzard

Michael is Arborspec’s Operations Manager and Project Arborist, sharing the same values and ideals about tree care and client education as Bryce, with a multifaceted background in arboriculture.

Michael is the ideal spokesman for the company that insures you have honest advice and reliable solutions for your next tree related project, be it big or small, everything from the trees in your front yard, to a large scale development requiring tree reports and protection, Michael will share his passion and experience with you, helping you to make informed choices about your habitat.

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Michael Izzard

Michaels experience begun in Melbourne, studying and completing his Certificate III in 2010, shortly after, he made the move to Queensland, where he excelled in his position as a climber at a large multinational tree service provider, this is where Bryce and Michael met, forming a 2 man climbing crew for most of their time at the company delivering works for Large clients like Energex, and Brisbane City Council, this is where they formed a bond of incredible respect with their alignment on the environment, Michael went on to complete his Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing, as well as his Diploma in Arboriculture AQF 5, helping train new employees as well as prepare reports and onsite arborist assessments. Michael, wanting to further develop his skills took a position at a training and consultancy company before taking the position he was made for here at Arborspec. We are incredibly lucky to have Michael as a joint leader, his passion and zeal in delivering quality tree care advice for our clients, and his knowledge and experience in delivering training and support for the crew will see Arborspec succeed in any endeavour we embark on.

As the owner, It is incredibly exciting to see Arborspec develop, improve and grow since its inception, and having a like minded team is a big part of that, then also having that team able to set and achieve goals, have the mindset of constant improvement, and see the bigger picture, it’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something bigger than just a tree care service within an industry bound by our clients request, we have a just cause, a perpetual challenge for self improvement. To us, this industry has infinite potential to improve the quality of life of everyone that has been outside.


Why Choose Arborspec?

Our climbing Arborist team are thoroughly experienced, highly qualified, and fully insured to deliver proven vegetation management services. We are dedicated to project safety and eco-friendly work practices. Our equipment is serviced and maintained to the highest of industry standards, and our services are available from 6am to 5pm every day of the week.

We’re committed to upholding our reputation as environmentally friendly and sustainable arborists supporting local wildlife. The Arborspec Way is all about prioritising tree care and habitat creation wherever possible. Learn More.

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From government and council work to arboricultural assistance on residential and commercial projects, we take on a variety of tasks in an environmentally friendly way.

Our habitat creation, preservation, and restoration services are applicable on every property whether a large tree farm or your backyard. Trust Arborspec, your local ethical Arborists, to take on tree care services of any type across South-East Queensland.

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We’re committed to delivering cost-effective arboricultural services where and when you need them. We build trust and confidence with our clients by conducting extensive onsite assessments and highlighting all risks when undertaking our tree maintenance, environmental support, and arboricultural services.

We offer clear explanations of our processes and communicate progress through all stages of any arboricultural project we undertake. From council and school projects, to work on housing commissions, defence housing, and everything in between, we are proud of our work, and make sure that all environmental considerations are taken on every job.

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Where We Service

Proudly based in Logan; we frequently service all North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Redland Bay, Ipswich and Gold Coast Suburbs. Less frequently, we service parts of Northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast.

If your location isn’t listed above, we may still be able to assist. Contact us with details of your project, and we’ll be in touch.