How to Maintain Your Garden with 4 Easy Steps

Date 29/08/2018

How to Maintain Your Garden with 4 Easy Steps

Garden Maintenance in the Brisbane region has always been an incredibly popular hobby in Queensland with our beautiful and frequent sunshine helping backyards across the state flourish. In fact, The Australia Institute reports that 51% of households use their gardens to grow their own food. However, with all our busy schedules, we know that some gardeners feel they aren’t taking care of their garden as well as they could be. This could involve poor garden or tree maintenance, needing tree lopping or using incorrect fertilizer. That’s why we’ve provided four easy tips to keep your garden healthy. From proper lawn maintenance to using quality garden mulch, these simple garden maintenance tips can significantly increase the amount of food that you produce from your backyard.

Tip 1: Use Tree Lopping and Tree Removal

Tree lopping (or tree pruning) is the process of trimming tree limbs. There are many reasons tree lopping can be helpful for your garden maintenance. If you are reliant on your trees to produce fruit, lopping them may help them be more fertile. Tree pruning also decreases shade, so your garden will receive more sunlight. If a large tree is blocking sunlight to your garden, then using a tree removal service may be necessary. Tree removal will be more of an investment than simply pruning it, but it can make a big difference to your garden.

Tip 2: Choose the right Garden Mulch 

Using the right garden mulch can also change your garden entirely. Unfortunately, too many gardeners depend on plastic mulches. These mulchers may dehydrate your plants and even reduce your harvest because these types of mulches are not water permeable. It is important to understand the needs of your plants before choosing the right garden mulch.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Lawn trimmings - use lawn tripping after doing yard maintenance, grass clippings have loads of nutrients.
  • Stump grinding - tree stumps are a great way to get mulch as they have lots of vital nutrients that will enrich your soil.
  • Fertilisers – Cow manure is a great choice to enrich your garden. Try to choose 

Tip 3: Frequently Moisten Potting Soil 

It is important to remember that exposing the roots of your plants to large pools of water isn’t a good thing. It actually encourages rot and attracts mosquitoes. Rather than putting plants in saucers of water, regularly moisten the potting soil. This method is better for your plants and keeps them fed. 

Tip 4: Inspect Your Irrigation Systems Carefully

To keep your plants growing healthily, they obviously need to be frequently watered. Watering your plants is especially important in a Queensland climate where the average temperature is around 29°C. A fatal issue when keeping a garden is not checking your irrigation system frequently. If the system experiences any leaks, then your plants could be going hungry, which can put them at risk during the summer heat. Always remember to give your irrigation system a once over every month.
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