Why Use a Certified Arborist?

The Advantages of a Certified Arborist

When comparing a wide array of contracted work, arborists are the only oxymoron. On one hand, when you think about tree trimming and pruning it can sound like basic landscaping. Just remove some overhanging branches, rake up some excess debris and make piles to get rid of it. However, removing some overhanging branches is just the tip of the iceberg. Many trees are taller than apartment buildings, some even overhang housing and the roots of these trees can uproot heavy structures. This is why arborists are essential when it comes to tree clearing and they have the expertise as well as the equipment to undertake such tasks.

Who Are Arborists?

Arborists in simple terms are tree lovers. Arborists are much more than tree lovers as they garner multiple years of experience dealing with a range of tree species. Certified arborists are dedicated tree professionals that understand and can assist with the long term health of several trees. Arborists know how to check the health of any tree from the roots to its leaves, making sure the tree is provided with the right nutrients. They can also determine where particular tree types will be best suited to benefit the environment the most. Arborists are essential as they can increase a tree’s longevity by providing the necessary nutrients as well as being able to correctly trim the trees. This allows trees to grow with similar stability.

Services That Arborists Can Provide

Arborists are certified to tackle an array of services that can lead to improved health and wellbeing of your trees. Some of these arborist services include:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Planting Recommendations

Tree Pruning

An arborist can determine and decide the type of pruning necessary to ensure the overall health and safety of the trees. To determine whether your tree needs pruning, arborists consider a range of factors. The first decision is whether the limbs of your tree interfere with essential utilities or structures. Another consideration is if the limbs overhang sidewalks or obstruct streets. If the limbs may be affected by wind or rainstorms and could cause damage, removal of the tree’s limbs is essential. Tree pruning can also be used to prune younger trees into the correct shape, reducing risks in the years to follow.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a highly dangerous service that arborists conduct. Removing a tree is seen as the last resort when all other options have been exhausted. Arborists will determine when a tree needs to be removed if the tree is dead or dying, considered a major risk or could be replaced by a more suitable tree species. Other factors that could lead to the tree’s removal is if infrastructure developments need to take shape or the tree is causing significant obstruction.

Planting Recommendations

Arborists can also give recommendations on particular plants and trees that can thrive in a particular climate. If the wrong tree species are planted in an unfavourable climate, this can see cause problems in later years due to limited growing space, diseases or poor growth rates.

Looking to Conduct Tree Pruning or Tree Removal? Contact Arborspec

When you are looking to get expert advice on trees that will be best suited to your environment or looking to increase the health of your trees, get in contact with Arborspec. We have certified arborists that are willing to tackle any residential, commercial or government projects you require.

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