The Arborspec Difference

Our Mission

We believe that people who understand the benefits and vital role of native vegetation within their local habitat, see its intrinsic value, not just for them, but for everyone and everything, that is lucky enough to call that place home.

Our purpose is to enlighten those who cannot see the forest for the trees, sharing our passion for conservation with them, and creating a connection to their habitat that they never thought possible.

We achieve this by genuinely caring about the environment we're working in, having honest conversations about what our clients are looking to achieve with their space, being detailed and transparent to allow the best decisions to be made on the direction for the project, explaining any compromise or restrictions from the beginning, and finally having a passionate and highly skilled team complete the work to achieve and often exceed expectations.

We are not your average tree company, but one day we hope to be.

Does the above statement sound strange?

Let us explain, The Arboriculture industry has already come a long way in the last 10 years, however most people refer to us as tree loppers, with the difference between a 'Tree Lopper' and an arborist only recognised by those within our industry - in a nutshell, an arborist has been trained to understand the body language of trees, Prune trees in alignment with the Australian standard 4373-2007 and often have 100's hours of training under supervision for climbing techniques and chainsaw operation. Awesome, right? Easy pick over a Tree Lopper.

Now the industry is on the right track, but still not where it needs to be. We feel as though, even with more qualified workers out there, there is little passion for the health of trees and understanding of their vital roles within our environment, and clients aren't getting the honest advice they should be, rather it's what they want to hear, so the job goes ahead and companies profit from it.

Our approach is aimed at educating the client about why best industry practice is important. The Australian Standards 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees and Australian Standard 4970-2009 Protection of trees in development sites, are critical to the health of the trees, therefore the outcome of the project and ultimately the environment.

We want the entire industry filled with PASSIONATE environmental arborists, encouraging arboriculturally sound tree care and tree protection ideas to their clients. Without this, direction is given by someone (at no fault of their own) with no training or experience in how to care for trees long term. This can lead to irreversible damage due to improper pruning 'tree lopping' practices.

Our goal as a business is to promote environmental and ecological awareness to our clients, the custodians and caretakers of local eco-systems and their inhabitants, to promote a healthier environment that we can all co-exist within.

We are definitely not the only Arboricultural company pushing these environmentally friendly options, there are other amazing companies, local to you, with similar ideologies being created every year! Ensure any company you choose to assist you with you tree management projects are ethically minded and qualified Arborists.

Our Vision is to inspire tree protection and conservation through public education to achieve a global understanding of the importance of native ecosystems to the level that the value of the environment overshadows the value of money.

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